Legal Advice in Niles, OH

There are a vast number of Attorney’s in the area that are all competent to represent you. However, in addition to skilled, competent representation, Robert makes all of his clients additional promises:
Robert promises each of his clients and potential clients that every phone call or e-mail they make will be responded to within 24 hours at the latest. He also will provide a response to all of your questions as well as any copies of documentation that you may need.
Robert is committed to helping his clients through the legal process with sensitivity to the unique circumstances of every client who trusts him to resolve their legal needs.
The legal system is complicated and the litigation process is stressful and difficult on many people because of how confusing it is. Robert promises to provide you with the best case/ worst case scenario, and remain knowledgeable about the intricacies of your case as well as explain what is happening in your case in plain language.
Predictable & Affordable Fees
Robert offers Courtesy Consultation, and Unbundled legal services, for clients that just need help preparing a document or help with a specific task. Most attorneys charge for every phone call, e-mail, and fax as well as every minute spent on the phone. Robert believes in representation that is effective and efficient, which benefits both his clients and his office. At your free consultation, he will learn more about you to see what services would be a right fit for your case as well as give a quote on how much his services will cost. You can set up a courtesy consultation by e-mail at, or by phone (330) 652-7668.